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Where do you find the products that you sell?

We obtain products through online auctions, thrift stores, yard sales and donations. There are also items that I have purged from my own personal collection because I no longer want, use or have the room for them.

How do you determine the quality of the products that you sell?

Each pre-owned/used item is inspected for quality. Items that are visibly of poor quality, broken, or otherwise unusable are either thrown out or donated locally.  Inks, markers, pens and the like are all swatched to determine their viability.  These swatches are included in the photo description of the product.  


How do you determine if an item is New?

Items from my personal stash that I know I have never used are marked as New.  Most items that are pre-owned in which I don't the history of, are marked as Used unless it is apparent that the item is new (ie: an ink pad that is still wrapped in plastic)

Why would I donate crafty supplies so that you can make money?

Our mission in reselling craft supplies is to give others the opportunity to have access to quality supplies that someone else no longer needs or wants for very, very reasonable prices.  Supply donations help to keep the prices low and give others the opportunity to start or renew a passion for cardmaking, scrapbooking or art.

Some of the stamps that you are selling are yellow or stained.  Why would you still sell them?

In short, the yellowing of clear stamps (and ink staining) does not affect the quality of the stamped image.  For a more detailed explanation, read this article.

Don't old rubber stamps dry up?

Yes, some old or incorrectly stored rubber stamps will dry up.  However, to learn more about the care, storage and revitalization of rubber stamps and information on how to unmount them, read this article.

My stamps won't stick to the stamping block anymore, what can I do?

If your stamp has lost its ability to stick on a stamping block, you can put a thin layer of Aileen's Tack it Over and Over on the back of the stamp. It works wonders!

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